I had a couple of days off, so I headed to Lake Ontario in hot pursuit of “Cromage” with a buddy of mine at midnight. We arrived at the lake around 6:30 A.M. after a late departure, but were on the water a short while afterwards. Another friend of mine, Craig also joined us for a day of trolling for king salmon. We were very fortunate as the winds weren’t too strong, allowing me to try out my boat, finally equipped with downriggers and wire lines and all the necessary items needed to catch salmon. We managed to get several smaller kings into the upper teens along with a couple of steelhead up to 10 pounds during most of the day, but nothing giant. By the time Craig had to leave in the late afternoon, Marc & I decided to give it a try on our own. Craig was from the area and fishes the lake on a regular basis, fending real well but we wanted to see if we could catch a few salmon after he left and headed back out to try. There was a weather system approaching and we knew this might just trigger the fish into feeding before it hit. As luck would have it, we managed to catch 4 salmon and lose a big one near the boat before we had to run for cover with the nearing storm. Most of these fish were in the high teens with the largest going 23 pounds. Overall throughout the day we managed to catch 12 fish and only lose 2 others! Quality bites from some big cromers! After the storm had settled overnight, we headed back out in the morning hoping that at least some of the fish were still in the area. I don’t think we had the lines in the water for more than 10 minutes and the wire rod started to scream. We were to eventually land a 20-pound, chrome salmon that was to go home with Marc after we were through. Soon after, the rigger rod went off and another nice fish was being fought, only to be lost right beside the boat. We trolled around, marking hooks and baitfish all over the place and had another wire rod go off not long after the last one fired. I was to eventually land the largest salmon of the trip at 25 pounds. We got one other smaller one of around 10 pounds and had another get off before it all came to an abrupt stop. The show was officially over and we washed lures for over an hour or so before we decided to pack it in and head back to Montreal. It turned out to be a great trip with many fish fought and landed in my boat and now I know that I have all the tools needed to fish Lake Ontario for the big kings, whenever I want. I will be back next week for another go at the silver salmon of the great lakes again!!