Craig joined me once again today with his son Mitch and this time he brought along his other son Jared to sample some of the fish as well. We launched the boat and ran across the lake in flat calm conditions to our first spot to troll for pike & walleye. Air temps were in the 70’s later to climb into the 80’s and the water temps were about 73.5 degrees in most areas. Clouds soon gave way to broken clouds & sunshine as we made our first pass along the weeds. It didn’t take long for the reel to fire and Jared was into the first northern of the day. Mitch soon followed with another decent pike before Craig got into a nice walleye around 5 pounds. We tried different passes in and around the weeds but only managed a few more fish in the next hour & decided to try for smallmouth bass at another location. This was to prove to be a better choice as one of the first bass to come aboard was a 20 inch, over 5 pound smallie that was just giant! Jared was the lucky one and after a few quick pics, she was returned to fight another day. We covered several areas with rock & weed and managed to get into plenty of average bass along with a few above average 3.5 to 4 pound ones before we called it a day. They had to be somewhere in the later part of the afternoon and we headed back before 2:00 P.M. in order to ensure their arrival. It was just as well as we had just about enough of the heat, humidity & “Dog Pecker Knats” and were ready to leave. Craig definitely had the hot hand this afternoon, landing many smallies on senko’s but Jared held his own on the Gulp baits too. Mitch struggled a little, but managed to get into a few of his own, despite all of the elements we were faced with. It was also showing signs of potential storms approaching, so we were unanimous in our decision. All in all a tough day with no wind, lots of midge and plenty of high heat & humidity to roast a turkey!!!!