After spending several hours of unsuccessful trolling for muskie with my wife Christiane yesterday, the furthest thing from my mind was heading out today to do it again. Unfortunately, a buddy of mine from out west was in town for just today and he convinced me otherwise. We hit the water at the crack of 11:30 A.M. and set the lines in hopes of hitting another lunge to add to the three that he landed with me last year. The winds were out of the W/NW at 15 to 20 knots with even stronger gusts. Water temps remained around 73.5 degrees and the air temps were in the 70’s. Although they called for sunshine and occasional clouds for the day, they lied! There was very little sun and lots of cloud cover making this look like a big fish kinda day! I guess it was about 45 minutes into the troll when the deep line started to scream. I mean it really went out and I knew it had to be a big fish! By the time I removed it from the holder and passed it off, I had the feeling that she was huge by the power of the headshakes. Last year the largest fish Keith landed was about 45 inches and he thought that was enormous, but he was about to see what really big was all about! I cleared the other shallow line to give him room to fight the fish and was glad to have done it when we both caught a glimpse of the beast. Its head came out of the water like a bad scene from Jaws! When it was close enough to the boat, I grabbed the leader and boga gripped her to remove the hooks. It had the entire plug in its mouth and I had to cut 2 of the trebles out not to harm the fish. When everything was ready, I took a couple of quick shots and a measurement & safely released her back to the lake. What a way to start the day with a fish that went 50 inches! It was definitely his personal best and the longest one in the boat this season, so far. We trolled for a little while longer and landed a small pike of about 5 pounds, but had no more strikes from muskie. I decided to change tactics and we began casting lures for bass & walleye. Keith landed a few perch and a small walleye on a spinnerbait before we relocated once again. The same thing happened again with a few more small fish and another relocation was in order too. Here he managed to get into a bass of about 3 pounds before a quick release and lost another larger fish on a spinnerbait that could have been a pike or muskie before we called it quits for the day. He had to be at the airport to fly back to Calgary and needed to leave early. We decided to pack everything in and head back to the ramp. Although there weren’t too many fish caught today, there was definitely one that counted. We had come out hoping to get into a big muskie and succeeded! This was all that mattered to both of us and he was ready to head back out west with the memories of today still fresh in his mind. By the time he gets back home, he will be able to remember it even better when he sees the pics! All in all a great day with a huge lunge to add to the memories!!