Warren & I fished today on a lake for smallmouth bass and just crushed them! We began around 8:00 A.M. and wasted a little time checking out an unproductive area for almost 45 minutes. I should have known that the water temps were below the norm for the active fish, but thought I would give it a try anyhow. Air temps were barely above 60 degrees & the water temps were just over 71 degrees where we started and the fish weren’t there! Winds were light from the S/W at less than 5 knots and bright sunshine was above for most of the day. We shifted locations after only a couple of missed strikes to another area much further offshore knowing that this would hold more active fish. The water was over 72 degrees here & the fish were definitely on fire, eating tubes as fast as we could get them into the water. Warren managed to land several good fish and a couple in the mid fours before we eventually moved around and covered some more water. Only a couple of other fish were caught along the way and another move was in order. We shifted locations once again and ran abut 2 miles to another offshore spot that I was sure would hold plenty of big fish. This was definitely the case as we saw big fish cruising almost everywhere we looked! Unfortunately, they were not active given that the major had just finished and I knew we had our work cut out for us. We still managed to get into a few fish and they were almost all over 4 pounds with the largest topping the 5-pound mark on the scales! Warren was having a great day with big fish and we thought we would try our hand at trolling muskie for a while instead of casting tubes and senko’s for smallies. Once again we were shot down after less than an hour as the clouds were giving way to darker skies, thunder and an occasional lightening bolt in the distance. We stayed as long as we could and finally shot across the lake, back to the ramp where we called it a day. Although we didn’t get into any muskie, the target today was smallies and that we had done well. There must have been at least 25 fish landed with the majority of them over 3 pounds and plenty in the four pound range as well. I sure wish we had more time, but “Mother Nature” always has the last word and today was no exception!!