Today I fished with Denis & Tony for another mixed bag kind of day. We headed out just after 7:00 A.M. and raced across the lake in hot pursuit of some walleye and northerns! Tony had never caught either of them and I planned on getting him into both species. The weather was a little overcast with a slight breeze from the N/W cooling the air slightly to 63 degrees. Eventually, sunshine would overtake this and raise the air temps to an unbearable 80 degrees with no wind, but at least we had the cool morning air to begin with. I had noticed that the overnight monsoon that we had, dropped the water temps by almost 3 degrees and slowed the bite for a while. We eventually got into some fish with a slower troll and had success by doing so. It wasn’t fast & furious, but we managed to get into some quality walleye up to almost 6 pounds and some decent northerns as well. Somewhere late in the morning I decided that the trolling pattern we had been doing was slowing down even more and opted for casting to smallies with senko’s. This was definitely the right choice as Tony landed a nice 4-pound bass almost immediately. Nice starter fish!! Denis wasn’t too far behind with a few of his own and we were off to the races! After that, we were all into fish on a regular basis and things were looking up. Senko’s were catching bass in the 2 to 4 pound range regularly and everyone was having action. We hit several other places and had the same success with fish off and on. By the time we were ready to leave, there had to be at least 15 or 20 bass landed and plenty of pike too. They even got to take home a few walleye for dinner as well! All in all a pretty good day with close to 40 fish landed.