After the last outing, I just had to get back to the lake today with Christiane in hopes of more of this incredible action. We arrived around the usual time and went to work almost immediately setting the lines. The boat traffic was unbelievable this morning with boats everywhere! I tried to fish the usual areas but soon found it to be barren and difficult to fish effectively, so I had to leave. The only fish we saw was from another boat passing by that I had to yell at, telling him that he had a fish on. Christiane flew out of her chair when I screamed; “FISH” and I thought she was going to have a heart attack! Oh well, glad I could help out a fellow angler! The weather definitely wasn’t helping the cause today as we continued to receive winds from the N/E that made the air temps feel a whole lot colder than they really were. At 10 to 20 knots, it felt more like 30 than the 40 we were in. Thankfully, the sun was out and that made it a little more tolerable. I really don’t know how long we went before we had the first reel fire, but I do know that it was somewhere after lunch before it happened. I had managed to find water temps that were above 46 degrees and decided to troll all around the area hoping for a taker. This was the right move as Christiane battled a salmon of 16.5 inches right into the net. This was the first fish so far this season that I can honestly say was hungry as the hooks were all the way inside its mouth. After a little surgery, into the livewell she went for dinner tonight. The water was really looking good in this area and we worked it for quite a while getting two others up to 17 inches and one missed strike as well. We had managed to land only 3 salmon and were looking for our fourth to fill out the limit and had to cover plenty of water to do it too. About an hour later and almost 2 miles away we had one on that went to the air and threw the hooks. I really wasn’t being too optimistic about landing a fourth and was just about to call it quite when another reel went off and this one came to the net. I was definitely ready to call it a day now as it was 4:00 and we had decided earlier that we would end the day one way or another at four. Talk about getting in under the wire! It wasn’t what I had expected, but it was still a great day with lots of water being covered in order to find fish and stay away from the other boats at the same time too!