I headed back to the lake today with Norm to see if we could repeat the success that Christiane & I had just a few days earlier. We arrived at the ramp and were fishing by 9:30 A.M. under sunshine and light winds from the N/E. Air temps were hovering around 40 degrees but would eventually climb to 55 late in the day. Water temps were 42.5 degrees at best, but I wasn’t worried, as we had fished with success in 39.5 just a few days earlier. It took a little while before we had a reel fire and as luck would have it, another drive by! The next fish wasn’t as lucky however as it stayed pinned and eventually came to the net. Norm was amazed at the power and attitude these little salmon had and couldn’t believe how much fun it actually was on a fly rod. We had not seen too much action in the shallows with just one missed strike and decided to concentrate a little deeper with the open water. I think this was the right choice as the deep lines were the first ones to contact anything. It wasn’t fast & furious, but we had enough action to keep us happy as all the lines eventually accounted for fish at one point during the day. The lighter 5-weight rod was the star once more as it had at least 50% of the fish, as usual! Although there weren’t any browns to add to our quota today, we were able to take home a couple of salmon apiece for the bar b. The highlight of today would have to be when one of the salmon came to the net sporting hooks from two of the deep lines. It seems that when it hit one of the lines and it immediately went slack, it shot over and took the other one at the same time. Talk about greedy! Overall, we had a good day going 7 for 10 on the count. I can’t wait for another round of this crazy fishing!