I was back on the water with Alain & Cindy this morning in search of more smallmouth bass. We had a different type of weather with cooler air and stronger winds from the west blowing 10 to 20 knots. Skies were filled with mostly sunshine as we began casting a variety of baits for these big bass. Alain was throwing a jerkbait to try & locate fish while Cindy tossed a spinnerbait over the area. When the first fish actually hit, I think Alain almost had the rod torn from his hands with the violent strike. Five pounds of brown fish took to the air and the battle was on. This fish bull dogged & leaped, fighting for her life as he reeled it to the boat. The hooks came free not a second too late as I netted the beast and admired its overall mass. It definitely went 5 pounds and into the livewell for later pics she went! Cindy was the next to be blasted by a freight train as she too had the rod nearly torn from her hands with another violent hit. Locked up! After a brief battle with one of the meanest fish that swims in freshwater, I netted another really quality fish of almost five pounds. After unhooking her, Cindy was in awe with just how big it actually was before I put her into the livewell once again. Size really does matter! We continued fishing this area for a while and picked a few more here & there with Cindy losing another real hog. Although there was a slow period during the afternoon where we were subjected to seeing them & not catching, we did rebound later when the winds kicked up a notch. I realized that they no longer wanted the reaction baits and switched up to tube jigs and the bite was on. Alain managed to get several more real giants with this technique while Cindy somehow struggled. She did redeem herself a little later though when she started to get the feel for the subtle bites and slammed several of her own. We fished till just after five before we decided to call it a day and headed back. This new area had produced some quality fish for us today and everyone caught their share of “Big Heavies”. Oh yeah, this time they weren’t camera shy and there were some pictures to prove it too!!