Yesterday’s weather forecast of high winds and thunder showers for the afternoon had my scheduled customers, rescheduling for better weather. Too bad the weathermen were bang on once again as the day was picture perfect with only clouds in the afternoon instead! Today however I had Norm out once more as he really wasn’t satiated over the weekend, landing only a few fish with his nephew Adam. Smallies were the order of the day and we were going out looking for only bigguns! He was unable to get a sitter for his dog today, so I told him to bring “Buddha” along as well. I’ve had clients that weren’t as well behaved as this dog and for 130 pounds, he never really got in the way! The weather wasn’t looking too good as we drove through a light misty rain on our way to the lake, but It did clear up shortly afterwards and the rest of the day was a mix of sun & clouds. Air temps reached the 80’s and the water was around 72 degrees in most areas. The biggest thing was the 10 to 15 knot winds from the W/SW causing a pretty good chop on the water. I love the wind! We started out fishing shallow and almost immediately were into some big heavies on a mix of baits. Norm was throwing a reaction bait and I was fishing slow to see what they wanted and both were hooking up. Within the first 15 minutes there were several large bass landed over 4 pounds and a few more lost along the way in. We kept fishing over this area until we were satisfied that we had covered it completely and then moved. We jumped around to several areas throughout the day all the while catching fish everywhere we stopped. Although we didn’t catch a ton of them, they were all big. Big & angry smallies always take precedence over quantity as far as I’m concerned and Norm had the same opinion too! We ended the day in an area that gave him the most satisfaction he had in a while (gigity) as he just pounded the big ones. By the time it was all over he had definitely been satiated as far as the bass fishing and his dog was exhausted too. I really think Buddha enjoyed the day almost as much as Norm did and he’s welcome in the boat anytime the sitter isn’t available. Great day all around!!