After multiple requests for today from clients, Darren & Serge were the winners as we ventured out in not so perfect weather. We met at the boat ramp around 7:30 and it wasn’t pretty! Three foot waves were crashing directly into the launch area and the forecast was for thunder showers a little later in the day. Although we were scheduled to fish a half day, I wasn’t even sure we would be able to do that as I slid the boat into the water. We were in and we were going to make the best of it! The humidity was with us in the 70 plus degree air temps early this morning and it felt like every scorcher day this week. The water temps remained in the low 70’s as we hit our first spot for smallies and Darren wasted no time showing Serge that they were there. He locked up on one of the better fish of the day on a spinnerbait and brought a 4 pounder to the net on his 2nd cast. They had a bunch of fish on in the next couple of hours and landed several including a few walleye, on a variety of lures and baits. Ironically, after the first 15 minutes of fishing, the wind layed down and went almost completely flat on the lake making for better boat control. The only downside of this decrease was the arrival of the “Dog Pecker Knats” and they came out in full force. It began raining after a little while as well and with the humidity and misty precipitation, rain gear was almost a waste of time. I felt just as damp inside as I did on the outside! As usual, the weatherman was bang on again today with the forecast of possible thunder showers in the afternoon. We received rain after a few hours that just never let up! For the remainder of the morning into the early afternoon, we fished in the mist and clouds. I thought we would change it up a bit seeing as how they wanted to try for walleye and began a troll to cover some water. The floating weeds along with the drifting green slime were relentless and I had to check the lines frequently in order to keep them clean. We did however lock up several times with both smallies and walleye and Serge got the top prize today with a walleye just under 6 pounds. Darren wanted to keep a couple of the smaller ones so we released everything else after a few quick pics and dashed back to the boat ramp in black skies. I knew we were cutting it a little close but I always like to end the day on a good note and needed one more fish before we could roll. Back at the ramp we were greeted with a heavy downpour while trying to get the boat on the trailer signifying the perfect end for this day! Although the fishing was pretty good, the weather wasn’t and this just made the day a little bit more miserable, but it still beats sitting on the couch back home!!