After a few unsuccessful attempts at finding someone for today, Cindy accepted my offer and joined me for an incredible day on the water. She had fished with Alain & I a couple of times last week and was just dying to get back out once again. Alain on the other hand had to work and was a little jealous that we were going fishing, but Cindy felt little remorse in accepting the offer! We launched a little later than usual, but were fishing before 10:00 A.M. nonetheless. I brought all kinds of rods & tackle, but we ended up trolling the entire day all the while catching fish everywhere we went. It was the day of northerns & walters and we caught a bunch! Reels were firing off every few minutes and a few double headers were thrown into the mix as well. Cindy caught so many fish that I think the next time she goes out with Alain, he better be careful. She became quite comfortable with the rod holders and taking the reels out without breaking the rods as well as steering the boat and trolling as I set the lines. By the time it was all over she had landed close to 40 or 50 fish with a couple of the smaller walleye kept for dinner tonight. I guess the largest walleye would have been close to 5 pounds and was released with the exception of just two. With the beautiful weather today it would have been a shame not to have gone out and we were glad we had done so. Sunshine and air temps in the 80’s with a little breeze from time to time from the north made for a pretty comfortable outing. With all the nice weather in the forecast coming up in the next week or so, I’m sure the 72 degree water temps will rise even more. Overall, a great day to have gone fishing!!