Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Guy and his little girl for another unbelievable fish catching bonanza. At only five years of age, Catherine just loves fishing and awaited my arrival with tackle box & little rod in hand. We met up around 7:00 and were on the water soon after anticipating the obvious, fish! The second day of a cold front had me wondering what effect it might have had on the fish along with the easterly winds of 10 knots. I had experienced the turnaround only a couple of days before and felt the shut down trolling for pike & walleye. I didn’t want today to be the same! I had a little girl to please and the gods would have to show some compassion as the “Kid Factor” rule always takes precedence. Air temps were still a little low for the end of August at less than 60 degrees, climbing only to 68 by the end of the day. We had cloud cover for the most part during the first few hours of the day but the sun eventually came out and by afternoon, we were fishing in total sunshine. As I began to set the lines out, we had a rip on one of them before I could complete the spread. Although it was only a drive bye, it was still a good sign! We had the first strike in less than a minute making me believe that the fish were back on the bite and eager to eat. This was to prove to be wrong as I had to work for each and every strike we received. Catou soon reeled in her first pike and although it was slightly smaller than I usually see, it really didn’t seem to matter to her as she had a smile from ear to ear! I knew there would be many more and definitely larger so we released this one and continued along our trolling path. It didn’t take long after the first one that a second & third reel fired and she was battling more pike to the boat. Her dad had to give her a hand on a few of them as they were just too strong for her little arms to handle. I had started in slightly deeper water anticipating a better bite but soon found out that most of the fish were in the shallows and concentrated there. We trolled up a bunch of northerns and even managed to get a largemouth bass at one point of around 3 pounds that gave her quite a tussle. I was wondering where the walleye went when another reel fired and we had a confirmation. They were still here, but quite inactive as I netted the 3 pound fish and placed it in the livewell. She would be providing dinner tonight! I was now on a quest and covering water in search of active fish of the walleye type all the while hooking into fish every few minutes that would provide Catou with plenty of enjoyment. Her dad even got a few in as well, in between helping his daughter with all the battles. One more walleye around the same size was also brought to net and slipped into the livewell along with the other one from earlier. I was covering lots of water just looking for some activity and decided to hit a spot that had produced smallmouth before, hoping for a rip. Wouldn’t you know it, two of them fired and we had a double! When I realized which one had the bass I made sure that Catherine got that rod with her dad & I reeled in the pike for a quick release. She really needed his help on this one as it was fighting like nothing she had caught so far today. Eventually I was able to slip the net under the 4 pounder and after a few quick pics, release it back to the lake unharmed. This area wasn’t producing like I wanted to so we packed up and made a run to another location further away in hopes of better bites. This section wasn’t great either, but it did provide some excellent action as there were a few more decent smallmouth bass landed along with pike and walleye too. Somewhere after 3:00 we decided to pack it in and head back to the ramp calling it a day. A little girl had her day on the water and managed to land more than enough fish to satiate her appetite for while, I think! This may prove to have the opposite effect on her as she may want even more the next time she wets a line. Taking a kid fishing can only have a positive reaction and I love seeing their faces light up when they’re tight to a fish in battle. Catherine was one happy camper today as she ended it with her very first “Grand Slam Home Run”!!