I had a guest from the “Sunshine State” today, in on a birthday visit to Montreal. His wife had arranged all the plans right down to the fishing trip that she gave him as his present. We hooked up at 7:00 A.M. and hit the water shortly afterwards in search of walleye. The weather had changed significantly since the day before with a cold front and strong winds. Air temps were barely 60 degrees at the start with the winds blowing 10 to 20 knots from the W/NW. This really made trolling a challenge in our first spot as it was hitting me from the side. The floating weeds were a factor as well, as we had to check the lines more frequently to ensure that they weren’t fouled up. With the cloud cover I really thought we were going to just hammer them, but we once again had to work hard for each & every fish we caught. When the first reel fired off, I thought he was into a walleye only to be disappointed as a northern came to the boat instead. The next one however was the real deal and a plump 3 pound walleye was slipped into the livewell for later pics. In the next hour or so we spent more time fighting the wind & weeds than actual fish but still managed our fair share. Three more clone walleye were caught along with a mix of pike & bass before we decided to relocate to another area hoping for cleaner water. As luck would have it, there were fewer weeds to contend with and more fish which was a better combination. I don’t think it was 5 minutes before the first rip was had and Mark was into his fifth walleye. This one was a little better than 4 pounds and the largest so far, for the day. He did lose something big in the previous spot when the hooks pulled free, but we never got a confirmation on the species. We were definitely into fish in this area as we managed to land another 4 or 5 walleye and a bunch of northerns in the next few hours. The reels were firing like popcorn at one point and this was a good thing! Once he had his fill of walleye and pike I thought we would try for the grand slam with some smallies and he agreed. In the next area he had a couple of bass hammer a spinnerbait in the wind & waves and managed to get one of them to the net. As luck would have it, this was the smaller of the bunch when we saw three others following it to the boat. They were all big and black and I knew they were in the 4 pound range! They were never to be seen again after we released the 2 pounder from his line and we wasted no time relocating after battling these horrific conditions. The next few areas were much more user friendly as we were able to withstand the wind without the waves and he managed to get into a bunch of bass, yo yoing a spinnerbait. They were just crushing the lure on the fall and fighting like champs. We also picked up several other smallies on senko’s and tubes before we called it a day and headed back to take our punishment in the waves. I’m sure glad we were in the Ranger! Mark had managed to get his grand slam after all and had a blast battling fish pretty much all day long in not so perfect like conditions. I’m sure he will take home the memories of this birthday vacation in Montreal and with any luck, be back some day soon!!