Well, it wasn’t hard to remember who I had today as they were both named Ben! I had Big Ben and Little Ben and they were about to experience another unbelievable day on the lake. We had switched up from yesterday and now the others were hitting a different lake with Mike and I was heading back to my comfort zone for walleye & northerns. The weather had cooled slightly but was still holding high humidity and temps in the low 80’s forecasted for today. Winds were nice, blowing at around 10 knots from the west and increased to about 15 later in the day. With the sun and clouds it would remain comfortable enough to fish without sweating bullets and that was definitely a welcomed change! I was surprised that the first fish came long after we started the troll and was covering water searching for the active ones. Fifteen minutes is considered a long time and I didn’t like it a bit! These fish were around, just not very active this morning as we picked one here and one there for abut the first hour or so. Eventually, they started to hit the lures and the game was on. Ben & Ben had decided to have a little competition today and were counting every fish as well as the size to determine each species winner. The pike & walleye were coming in the boat every few minutes now and all was great after there slower day out the one before. Ben had managed to land a 46 inch Muskie and he was thrilled at its overall mass but big fish like that are loners. With the species they were targeting yesterday, you’re not looking for numbers, just size and this was a treat as the action was hot. Walleye of up to 26 inches and northerns up to 33 inches were landed and plenty of others slightly smaller as well. At one point there were ten walleye in the livewell before we released all back to the lake to bite another day. The highlight of the day was seeing the big northern of 32 inches get beat by another one of 33 inches minutes later. After they had landed piles of fish I thought we would switch it up a little and see if they could get a few smallies to add to the already hefty sac of walleye & pike. It didn’t take long before they were locked up to some of these little brown power houses and on light spinning tackle it was great. Soft plastics and jigs accounted for the 10 or so bass up to 3 pounds as we covered an area the size of a football field. The winds had kicked up a little stronger so I decided that another troll was in order and set the lines out for even more action. They were almost immediately into doubles and it just kept coming. For the last hour and a half they managed to slam plenty more fish in both species and couldn’t believe the day they had. As always, I never like leaving until the last fish is caught and told them we would head out after just one more. Well, when the reel started to scream I knew it was a good one and Ben also felt the weight of this one as he had reeled in oh so many already. The way it was staying down made me feel like it was another big eye like the last one yesterday, but then I saw the fish. Although it wasn’t a walleye, it was still a nice northern at almost 31inches. What a way to end an already spectacular day of fishing! I’m sure the two Bens will remember this day of fishing for quite a while and hopefully they will all come back looking for another trip chock full of big fish once again!!