I fished with Tom & Mike today on a local lake for bass and only caught bigguns! We hit the water a little later than expected after a late flight arrival, but definitely made up for it with the fishing. The air had a chill with temps in the low 50’s but were to climb into the 70’s by afternoon. Winds were out of the S/W blowing 10 to 20 knots and I loved every minute of it! Water temps were still around 66 degrees and would surely be rising with today’s sunshine. I really figured that we would have a great blade bite with the two footers we were in so I decided to start with the reaction baits, in shallow. After a disappointing hour or so of this with only follows, I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I switched it up to a jig and Tom threw a jerkbait in hopes of changing these lethargic fish and finally had a strike. Although it wasn’t big, it was a sign and I thought we were finally onto something. Tom also hooked up minutes later and it too was a small fish of less than 3 pounds. Mike on the other hand was only able to get follows and short strikes on the blade and decided to switch up to the jig instead. We stayed shallow for about another hour without much success then decided to move to some deep water further away. This was to prove to be the right decision as it was here that we found some real big smallies. By dragging jigs and drop shot rigs, we were able to land many quality bass with the largest going in the mid fives. Although there weren’t too many fish landed, the size was worth the lack of numbers. Most of these fish were above 4 pounds and fought like champs! I hit a couple of areas that resembled this one afterwards and they too put out only a few fish each, but they were quality. By changing up tactics we were able to benefit from the short time spent on the water today with mostly big bites. Although Tom was here for a different species of fish with Mike, he will surely remember the big Canadian bass from today!!