I thought we would try & beat the bad weather coming in so Christiane & I headed out for a few hours on a local lake. Unfortunately, the misty rain greeted us before we were even able to get to the boat ramp and it wasn’t looking good. Winds were light but expected to increase up to 30 or 40 knots somewhere around noon with even stronger gusts. We definitely had our work cut out for us today! Fortunately, the air temps were well above seasonal with the warm southern air and were in the upper 50 degree range. Water temps were still around 51 but leaves were posing a problem in the current when we casted. I believe Christiane’s first 3 casts all produced bass and we realized why we had come. I knew that we could still catch plenty of fish before the weather took a turn for the worse and we kept casting. Somewhere after 1 o’clock, the winds really began to howl and it became more difficult to fish. We were still catching fish, but it wasn’t easy! I decided shortly after that we were going to cut it short and head in. When it stops being fun, I quit! Although we may have only gotten 3 or 4 hours of fishing in, it was still worth the effort as we both landed a bunch of fish up to 4.5 pounds. Trying to take the pics became next to impossible at the end so we just released most of the fish without recording the catch. We really would have liked to be able to continue fishing today but safety comes first and as the winds increased so did the waves. We ran back to the ramp in 3 to 4 footers safely and called it a day. Overall a successful one nonetheless!!