After several emails, Jay just had to get back out and catch some of those big smallmouth that he had been hearing so much about. Unfortunately for him, this wasn’t going to be a very nice weather day! We began with air temps around 34 degrees and it really didn’t get any warmer. Go figure, the weathermen forecasted sun and occasional cloud! We on the other hand had clouds and heavy N/W winds that made it feel more like the lower 20’s. Any wind at this time of the year is not welcomed but a 10 to 20 knot wind from the cold north definitely will take the smile off your face. Water temps also fell and were now barely above the 48 degree mark slowing the fish down even more. Although Jay did manage to land a nice one around 3.5 pounds on the first spot, he was having a difficult time feeling the bottom with all the clothes he had on. The heavy gloves weren’t allowing him the luxury of being able to detect the subtle hits of the bass or even the loose weeds he was having on each retrieve. He did manage to catch several fish throughout the morning but never actually felt like he had gotten a handle on the technique until later in the afternoon. In his defense, I wasn’t having an easy time either with the cross winds affecting our boat control in the current and was missing strikes too. They had to be the lightest hits I had seen so far this fall and detecting them was next to impossible. If you were lucky enough to actually feel the take, they almost always dropped the bait immediately after. They just weren’t actively feeding! All morning and into the afternoon we picked at them and slowly brought up our numbers but not to the amount I was so use to lately. In the last 90 minutes of the day it seemed like Jay had finally gotten the hang of this and he started catching them on a regular basis. In each location we fished, he managed to land a handful of decent sized bass up to just over 4 pounds and the smile was back. By 4:00 we were just about done and after a few more casts it was official, back to the ramp. Along with the ramp there was of course the warm truck and that was the best part of the day. I realized just how cold the day was when I read that the outside air temps were only 33 degrees. I was right, they hadn’t gone up, just stayed the same! Maybe this wasn’t the best day to be on the water, but Jay was away from work and catching fish. When he finally thaws out from the cold I think he might appreciate it a little more. Until then, the only thing on his mind is a warm bowel of soup and maybe a roaring fire. Damn, it was cold!!!