I was back out again today with Tim and Mike hoping for, “The Big Bite”! We hit the water shortly after 10 A.M. and were into fish almost immediately. The weather was a little better than the last time we were out but the fog was still quite present. Fortunately, the visibility was more than just a few feet making the running not as dangerous. We weren’t going to see any sun today as there were lots of clouds just drizzling on us the entire day. Air temps were in the low to mid 40’s and the winds were out of the W/SW at around 10 knots giving us a pretty good drift. Ironically, the water temps hadn’t fallen very much and were now holding at 47 degrees. Tim drew first blood as we drifted over deep water and brought a nice 3 pound walleye to the net. Several more drifts later and only a few more smaller bass had us looking elsewhere for the mother load. We jumped around again and found small pods of decent fish in each new area we fished. There were also 3 more walleye caught up to about 4 pounds in between the smallies. With the heavy cloud & fog over us we knew that the afternoon would be rather short and tried many more areas just looking for the bigger ones, only to come up a little short once again. Although there wasn’t anything landed over 5 pounds there were still several others close and everyone had a hand in catching them. Shortly after 3 o’clock we were getting ready to head out and caught several more before we called it a day. The darkness comes early now and without the sun, even earlier! We weren’t able to find the ones we were looking for, but there were still plenty of decent sized ones caught throughout the day. Considering what “Mother Nature” had dealt us, I think we made out pretty good on this not so perfect day!!