Last day out with Tim and the search for big smallies had us fishing the slowest we had all week. The day started out with a snow fall overnight and light fluffy flurries throughout the morning. Temps were right around the freezing mark and climbed all the way to 33 degrees by days end. Winds were from the west at 10 knots and turned to the NW by mid morning, blowing closer to 15 knots. It was an interesting day to say the least! Boat control was almost impossible with the cross winds and feeling the baits wasn’t any easier with all the slack being blown into the line. The first few smallmouth that came aboard were rather on the smaller side and breaking the 3 pound mark was the best we could do. Many missed fish were also being seen as they were picking up the baits and dropping them almost immediately. I tried a few slower, deep holes and finally located some of the bigger ones there. Unfortunately, they were walleye and only the occasional smallie, but they were eating. We hung in there as long as we could but eventually moved when the winds really made control difficult. For the remainder of the day we jumped around to all the better places all the while trying to locate a trophy but came up short once again. Many smaller fish in the 2 to 4 pound class but no real giants today. The largest fish would have been the walleye of over 6 pounds but she wasn’t what we were looking for. By 3:30 we were losing our light and decided to call it a day. Overall, a slower than usual day but considering the conditions, we still made out alright. Many fish were caught but just not the ones we were searching for on this last day of the month. Maybe December will bring bigger & better as an early Christmas present for the next person out!!!