Back from N.Y. Norm was ready to hit the water for another kick at a giant smallie. We began fishing in beautiful sunshine, light NE winds and air temps right around the freezing mark. Water temps had dropped slightly once again and were now topping out at 47.5 degrees at best. The fish seemed a little sluggish this morning and we had to work hard for every bite we received. As the sun got higher though and the water temps began to rise, so did the fish’s activity level as well. The bites were more frequent and less spaced out but the best we could come up with were fish in the 4 pound class. We fished deep, mid and shallow areas all the while catching from each zone. The current breaks had to be fished in the soft water seems in order to locate anything aggressive enough to commit. We even managed to catch a bunch of walleye, all the while searching for the bigger bass! At one point in the afternoon after Norm had landed a couple of really nice bass, the bite just shut off like a light switch. I knew something was up when we were bit off a couple of times and then Norm hooked up on something big. It was definitely the culprit and I was sure this wasn’t going to end well. After a few minutes of struggling to get this thing up, it bolted and left us just wondering. Although we never caught even a glimpse of the fish we were pretty sure what it was and decided to try another area after several unsuccessful attempts at catching bass. They just weren’t going to take a chance with a predator lurking around, I guess! The rest of the afternoon was spent jumping all over just looking for a few big fish and unfortunately all we could come up were 4 pounders at best. The fish just weren’t willing to allow Norm the bragging rights of the elusive Holy Grail that he’s been searching for. We ended the day with plenty more bass but not the one we were after and by 4 o’clock we were on our way home. The search for the elusive six is turning out to be a quest much like the one he went through last season for his five. I hope it doesn’t carry over into next year as it will be an awfully long winter for Norm!!