I was back on the water today with Darren hoping for better conditions than I encountered yesterday with my wife, Christiane. We were still in a pretty good wind but it had switched to the west and was now blowing 10 to 20 knots. Air temps were around 40 degrees and expected to rise into the upper 40’s by days end. The winds were also supposed to decrease and be light by the afternoon and I was praying they would be right. I believe it was on Darren’s first cast that he hooked one of the largest bass of the day and soon had a 5.45 smallie in the net. Nice starter fish! We were working a little slower with jigs and found the fish to be in a negative mood for most part. We almost had to dead stick some of them into committing! Several good ones were persuaded into eating and within the first couple of hours; Darren had landed plenty of quality bass. We fished depths from as shallow as 5 feet to as deep as 30 feet with the better fish coming deep. Everywhere we stopped to fish, we caught some bass. I really don’t think there was any lengthy period of dead time during the day, just lots of bass. The afternoon was equally as good as the morning and the weather was even better with the decrease in winds. It was still a little cool out, but the sunshine was a welcomed change as I had been fishing in the rain & clouds lately. We stuck it out until almost dark with the change of the clocks last night and called it somewhere around 5:00. Darren had boated lots of fish and some really big ones today and was kind of glad he had come alone. He didn’t have to share the bass with anyone and had managed to have the best day of his season, so far this year. I have a feeling he will be back! What a great day to be on the water!!