Norm was back once again today to tackle more of those giant brown bass. We hit the water around 8:00 and were into fish almost immediately. With the sun out the air temps of 34 degrees didn’t feel quite as cold and the non existent winds made it even better. We weren’t expecting a much warmer day with the high expected to only reach 40 degrees, but we were pumped. It had been a week or so since Norm was out and saw Allison land the giant that he had been looking for and he wanted his today! Back to the current breaks we went and we began by throwing cranks t to see if we could entice a few of the more active big ones to bite. Several followers were seen and a few of the medium ones actually did commit but not the ones we were looking for. With the water temps below 50 degrees, I decided that we would have to slow down if we wanted to monopolize on them and began throwing jigs. It was definitely the ticket because for the next few hours it was just insane. There were so many fish landed that we just lost count! Bass ranging from 2 to over 4 pounds came aboard, but none of the really bigguns were contacted. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that a couple of fish over 5 pounds were caught and a few even larger lost. Like all days out lately, there were fish on each and every spot I stopped. This was great because when the sun disappeared earlier and the winds kicked up from the N/NE, it got quite a bit colder. The only reason we didn’t complain about the cold was because we were catching fish. That alone will keep anyone warm! We fished until about four and when the bite slowed, decided to call it a day. Norm may not have gotten any sleep the night before, but he was definitely on his game today. He’s still looking for an honest weighed six pound smallie but he will take days like this anytime. Visions of smallmouth will be dancing in his head tonight!!