Craig & Herm were back for the weekend, hoping for some more of those big smallies. It was looking like they finally made it without the hurricanes that they usually bring along! We were expecting a light 5 knot wind from the west but it stayed east all day. Sunshine was what was also forecasted but that only arrived mid afternoon after a morning of heavy cloud cover. Fortunately, the air temps were in the upper 40’s and that was really welcomed after yesterday’s arctic blast. The bite was a little slow at first as we drifted over all kinds of fish and very few actually ate our jigs. Some of the ones that were hitting were also not getting on as they were biting light. A number of fish in the 2 to 4 pound range were taken in the first few hours but nothing like we expected. Several walleye and a couple of northerns also made their way into the boat and were immediately released afterwards. We had covered plenty of water by now and there was still no sign of an honest 5 pound fish until the sun finally poked through the clouds. It was like clockwork as the fish started to bite and kept biting for the remainder of the day. Although Craig’s five pounder was the largest of the day there were still plenty of quality bass caught and by 4 o’clock we were ready to call it a day. We will be back out again tomorrow and hopefully bigger and better things will come. Overall it was still a great day on the water with amazing temperatures for the month of November and we even caught a few fish too!!!