Scott & his dad Tom fished with me today for another unbelievable day of catching. We hooked up around 8:00 and were on the water not long after in slightly below freezing temps. The sun was out though, making it feel a little warmer and there was little to no wind as well. The high forecasted for us was to be a chilly one at only 38 degrees max but this time they came prepared. Tom hooked up first but it was only after he had missed 3 strikes on consecutive casts before. A nice chunky 3 pounder had fallen victim to the slowly moved jig and I knew there would be plenty more. It was to be another one of those days where we caught fish all day long in each & every spot we fished. Both Scott & Tom were into bass ranging from 2 to over 5 pounds frequently and loving every minute of it. They even had some bonus walleye today that would be invited to a cook out back home. Somewhere late in the morning, the sun turned to overcast skies but the fish kept biting. At one point it even looked like we might get snow, but fortunately for us, it never happened. We must have fished a dozen areas today and concentrated on the current breaks and edges to monopolize on the aggressive biters. They were there and they were hungry! Although the crankbait bite really wasn’t the ticket like a couple of weeks before, by fine tuning the presentation we were able to have the same results. This river system has all the right ingredients to produce fish right up until ice up and I’m going to be there to test it too. By the time the afternoon neared the end it was getting quite a bit chillier and we decided to call it a day. They had caught more bass in one day than practically their entire season and everyone went home satisfied. Scott had treated his dad to another day on the water and another successful one too! Although they had a long drive back home I don’t think they would run out of conversation along their way as the day would provide plenty of things to be remembered!!