After spending pretty much the entire day yesterday downloading pictures & updating reports, I was ready to hit the water again this morning. A late cancellation had Christiane benefitting from their decision and we leisurely headed out somewhere around 9:00. The weather was picture perfect, in fact it was too perfect for this time of year as there were boats all over the water. Although we started in heavy fog, it soon cleared and gave way to sunshine, light SW winds and temps that reached at least 65 degrees. As usual, it didn’t take long before Christiane was locked up and it was a real beauty. I decided to put it on the scale just to show her its weight and amazingly it went 4.54 pounds. Another great starter fish! Several other bass from 2 to 4 pounds were landed in the next few hours before we slid over to fresher water and started all over once more. At one point, it was every cast as the fish were really thick and apparently hungry in this hole. When we stopped getting bit, we moved to another fresh area and did it all over again. Lots of quality smallies were caught and many of the average ones too on this absolutely, unbelievable November day. I’m sure the weather is going to take a turn for the worse pretty soon but in the mean time I will be taking advantage of each and every day that it doesn’t. We covered plenty of water and fished all depth levels, catching everywhere we went. Somewhere around 4’oclock, we decided to call it a day and headed back. It was just too good a day to leave without a last fish and Christiane landed just one more 3.5 pounder before we left. She may not make it out again this season, but today was the way to end it if she doesn’t! There was definitely no suffering involved today as I could have been fishing in a T shirt for most of the day!!