Wow, next season came quick! I headed out today with Norm before calling it quits again, for this year. We didn’t get an early start due to the overnight temps but were fishing by 9:30. With 35 degrees expected as the high today, we knew we wouldn’t get a better opportunity for one more kick at the can! Intermittent sun with clouds and a light wind from the SW of 5 to 10 knots were what was forecasted, but as usual they were wrong. The part they always mess up is the wind and today had 10 to 20 knots with higher gusts thrown in just for laughs. Boat control was a real treat too, when the winds switched to the west in the afternoon. We didn’t get on the fish quickly but when we did, they were good ones. One of the best smallies came from a deep hole and went almost 5.5 pounds by slowly moving the baits. Hits felt more like weeds rather than actual fish and you didn’t have long to react before they would spit out the jigs. I’m sure we missed plenty of fish with the winds not allowing us to keep the lines tight, but we also caught quite a few as well. In one area we found a mix of bass and walleye and if the drift was just right, you could hook up on every other cast. There was even a small Muskie of 38 inches landed on light spinning tackle as a bonus. We kept fishing this area catching more walleye than bass and eventually moved out in search of that elusive 6 pound smallie. Late in the afternoon when the conditions got worse, we even contemplated heading back. Just a few more casts and it would be done for this season as far as the boat goes. On Norm’s last cast he hooked up on what we both thought was another walleye only to find out at the boat that it was a huge smallie. A last cast fish is always a good thing but it’s even better when the bass weighs more than 5 pounds. We decided to end it on a high and after a few pics and a quick release; we packed it in for yet another year. Norm had landed his last five pounder for the season, but what a way to end it. I believe it took him all year to get just one last season but he more than made up for it this year! I guess we’ll have to satiate our appetite for fishing by changing gears and pursuing some chrome steelhead from now on. Just “Living The Dream”!!!!!