Well it finally happened today as we were able to coordinate a day on the water that has taken over a year to organize. John & his son Chris were joining Christiane & me for a fishing day that had the makings of a real beauty. The weather was picture perfect with temps expected to reach into the 90’s but little to no wind might make it feel a whole lot hotter! Water temps had now been over 70 degrees for several days and some of the fish were starting to change locations. I wasn’t worried though as I would begin by trolling areas that were holding a variety of fish species and surely some of them would bite. It didn’t take long before Chris was into the first fish of the day and this one was a walleye of about 3 pounds. Nice starter fish! He managed to catch a few more soon after with a pike thrown into the mix before his dad got into the act too. John seemed to pick the right time as a smallie ripped the line from the reel and proceeded to go to the air. Although it may not have been the largest of the day at just over 2.5 pounds, it was a contender! Not to be outdone, Chris landed another just under 4 pounds to overtake the lead once again. With the lake flat calm and dog pecker knats all over the place we decided to troll away from the area we were catching to see if something a little bit larger might be willing to bite. Unfortunately we only managed to get a couple more walleye and lost a few others in the next half hour making my next decision quite simple. We were off to cast for smallies! Well this didn’t take long as everyone was into fish almost immediately, once again. John managed to get the best one at over 4 pounds but Chris had plenty of opportunities to match or even beat his dad. Christiane even got a few casts of her own in and landed a couple of nice ones herself. In about an hour of casting there had to be at least 15 smallies battled before we decided to move once more. Back to trolling and only one more northern to show for our efforts before we called it a day. Between the floating weeds gathering on the rods and the blazing heat, we were spent. In just several hours of fishing they had managed to get into a bunch of quality fish and had a riot spending quality time on the lake. All fish were released to fight another day too! Can’t wait to get them back out again but John’s schedule can be pretty hectic running a local restaurant. I should know as we see him there at least once or twice a week on a regular basis. The food can only be surpassed by the service as all of his staff treats you like royalty when you eat there. Located in the west island, everyone should give it a try as I’m sure this won’t be a one time visit. This place is packed most days and really fills up on the weekend too. Check it out on line at http://www.delfriscos.ca you won’t be disappointed!