Haissan & W were back again today for some more action but left Danny to work this time. We hooked up shortly after 7:30 and were fishing just after 8:00 in flat calm conditions. It was going to be a scorcher! Without any wind and temps to reach into the 90’s, I knew we were going to fry today. Water temps were around 74 degrees when we set the lines and began our troll for walleye. It was a little slower than I had expected with only a handful of walters, smallies and an occasional pike coming aboard so after a couple of hours, I decided to relocate. The breeze felt pretty good as we ran to our second spot and began casting soft plastic for smallies. Both guys were hooking up regularly and some of these fish were pretty good size too. After spending plenty of time in this location, we decided to run once more and cooled ourselves off in the process. This next area was undoubtedly the right choice as it produced both size as well as numbers of bass. W had been holding onto the lead for a while with his 4.5 pound smallie when Haissan finally captured one of his own. It wasn’t much larger, but it did give him bragging rights and from that point on, it just kept getting better. I’m pretty sure that at one time, Haissan was hooking up on every cast he made. It felt more like we were fishing in a hatchery rather than a lake as there were smallies all over. By 5 o’clock we were officially wasted and decided to call it a day. I think the best part of it was the long run back to the ramp as we were finally cooling off. Unfortunately it all came to an end when we stopped the boat and the air temps felt a whole lot hotter when we were on shore. Despite the heat wave, we were able to endure and capture loads of smallies and some real good ones too. A great day all around!!