After a couple of not so great days with my brother in law due to the wind & weather, I was back out this weekend with Christiane hoping for redemption. We fished hard Saturday and caught a bunch of walleye & bass trolling before going solely casting for smallies. The weather was quite a bit better than the previous two days with sunshine & light N winds and the bite was definitely on. Although the floating weeds were somewhat of a problem keeping the lines clean, we still managed. Air temps went into the low 80’s and the water temps were almost 75 in most areas. Deep or shallow water didn’t matter as we caught fish in all ranges of depths today on a variety of lures and soft plastics. By 4:00 P.M. we had enough of the boat traffic and decided to call it a day. Tomorrow we would get an earlier start and try to beat all the recreational boaters that were literally all over the lake. Sunday began considerably earlier with us hitting the lake by 7:30 and into fish almost immediately. Smallies and walleye were being caught by trolling lures and the reels were firing. Best of all, I wasn’t being bombarded by pleasure crafts, yet! After catching a bunch of fish trolling we decided to go back casting lures for smallies once more and managed to get into fish immediately again. Christiane hooked into a mid four pound smallie that hit a jerkbait as soon as it hit the water. I followed up with a few fish of smaller size throwing a spinnerbait right afterwards and the fun began. For a few hours we were catching only big bass and they seemed hungry too. It was now early afternoon and the heat wave was definitely upon us but so were the boats. I went back to trolling and managed a few more walleye and pike and had a hard time with all the boats. At one point while fighting a fish, Christiane was nearly knocked into the lake when a big cruiser plowed 4 to 5 footers as it passed less than 50 feet behind us. The idiots were out in full force now! Not long after, another fool in a sailboat decided to tack right in front of us as it was passing by. It was so bad that I had to throw the motor in reverse just to keep from hitting them! This was it for me and we pulled the lines and headed in. There were too many retards for me to worry about on the lake now that the sun was out in full and I called it quits. As the last official day of the construction vacation I guess everyone was out. I’m sure there were more mishaps and I didn’t want to encounter any others myself! We pulled in the tangled lines and took the boat out of the water before something worse happened. Where were the water police today as most of them were drinking and driving around like fools? I can’t wait for Monday when the water is free & clear of all the crazies!!!