Today was a day of pleasure fishing as my wife Christiane joined Alyssa and her dad Donny for a day on the water. The 4 of us hit the lake at the crack of 10:30 and began a troll. The weather was once again blazing with air temps hovering around 80 degrees when we began and topped out closer to 90 degrees when we ended. The winds had slowed down slightly though and were less than 20 knots for most of the time. Even the boat traffic was at a minimum and that was a surprise! Water temps had been climbing the last few days and were now above 73 degrees when we set the lines. I thought we were going to just crush them with all these things in our favor but soon found out differently. Only one drive bye and a small smallmouth landed in the first couple of hours with plenty of water being covered. Time to go casting! We switched locations and began throwing lures at an area holding plenty of smallmouth bass. Christiane had the first two smallies on but unfortunately they both came unpinned from the jerkbait. I was working with Alyssa as this was her birthday present and she managed to smack 3 or 4 in the first hour. A few others were missed or lost all together before I thought we would give the troll another go. Apparently the right move as Alyssa landed a nice walleye of around 3 pounds in the first 15 minutes. She also got into a couple of bass and a northern before another walleye ate the bait. It was a little chaotic as the lines were crossing in the winds while we tried to get the fish to the net. We did manage but not without several crossed lines though and spent a few minutes untangling the mess. This fish was all worth it though as she weighed at least 5 pounds. A few quick picks and the walleye was free to swim again. We trolled for a little longer but the winds had gotten even worse and the waves were rolling pretty good when another reel screamed. It was also a walleye and a decent one once again as Alyssa landed what was to be her last fish of the day. I tried a little longer in the shallower water and after 10 minutes started to bring in the lines. One by one I reeled them in and before I could get to the last rod the reel fired and went silent. Those damn drive byes! We almost had another fish but it just wasn’t meant to be. Although there weren’t a ton of fish landed today, we all had a good time. It was a number of years since Alyssa and her dad had been fishing so this was a perfect birthday present for her to receive. Great company, sunshine and even a few fish! Who could ask for more!!