I was back out again today with William & his son Sam, all the way from England for another multi species day. William had grown up in the Montreal region and moved way over to the other side of the pond later in life. He wanted his son to see his old stomping grounds and experience the fishing that he had done as a kid. We headed out shortly before 8:00 A.M. in cooler than usual conditions below 70 degrees and a good SW wind of over 10 knots. Overcast skies held for pretty much the entire day with just a hint of sunshine from time to time. Water temps had dropped almost 2 degrees since I was here last week and I wasn’t sure how the fish would react after all the stormy weather yesterday. We began with a troll and it was a little while before a reel went off, but Sam was soon landing his very first walleye. At just over 3 pounds it was a nice start and I had great hopes of bigger & better in store for him today! I had to make a slight adjustment soon after as it just wasn’t looking like the fish were cooperating. Although I was marking plenty of good hooks in the area, only a few of them were actually moving on the lures. Once I changed up baits, we were into fish almost immediately and both walleye and pike were being landed regularly. Sam was to have a few firsts today and now it was with a 4 pound northern. After trolling for a few hours I thought we would change it up and switch to casting for smallies in another section of the lake. I set up a few rods with soft plastics and let the games begin! We would stay on the bass for the remainder of the day and both of them would catch a bunch of good ones along with a few smaller ones thrown in for good measure. I think the largest one would have been a 4 pounder that Sam landed later in the day before we called it quits. They had caught plenty of fish today and Sam had three firsts to his credit with the bass being the largest smallie he had ever caught. It beat him up pretty good too! This will definitely be a memory for him to keep for at least a year as I think they may just be back again. With family still remaining in the city, they have no reason not to return for another visit. I hope they make it an annual thing as the fishing will only get better & better as Sam grows up!!