Norm & I hit the lake today without any thought of trolling, just smallies on the brain! We began shortly after 6:30 and were casting aggressive baits quickly, just covering water. The winds were up again, as it seems now that every day has at least a 20 knot blow from some direction! Fortunately, it didn’t change the fishing as a 4 pounder crushed a jerkbait and went crazy. Our air temps were in the upper 60’s but forecasted to top out somewhere in the mid 80’s by days end. Clear skies were on us almost all day as we just drifted along in hot pursuit of that 6 pound bass, still on Norm’s mind. Shortly after the first fish, Norm hit another on a spinnerbait and it was “Game On”! From that moment on, there was no looking back as several more 4 to 5 pound bass continued to crush these lures from just about every direction. Although the winds were rolling 2 & 3 footers, we didn’t care as the bass were angry and that’s all that mattered to us. Eventually we decided to do a little exploring and stumbled onto several smaller areas holding a few fish here and there until, we came upon something special. We had found a huge deep rocky flat that the fish were just stacked on. Obviously the deeper water was the place to be as the next 6 hours had us just pounding big fish. A mix of walleye and smallies all came from around 40 feet deep on Carolina rigs and other presentations almost as fast as we could get them down. It was just insane as we fished all over, isolating the key areas on every drift. By the time 4:00 rolled around, we were totally exhausted from a combination of heat, wind and of course, Smallies! Time to call it and we headed back to the ramp with a sense of euphoria about this day. We usually don’t see this type of fishing until the water cools in the fall and welcomed it for the summertime. Both of us can’t wait to get back out and pound on them once again!!