Day 2 saw a little slower start with several shakers and one decent steelhead landed in the first couple of hours. There were a couple of larger kings that peeled plenty of line off of the reels only to eventually come unpinned during the fight too. There was also another good fish that felt like it may have been in the same caliber as the 30 pounder from day one that actually bit off the fly during the fight. Cold front conditions had these fish in a real negative state and we were feeling the pain right along with them. Greg was marking plenty of good fish but they were reluctant to eat anything he set down. The highlight of the day would have had to be the steelhead we found on the surface. As the boat trolled by it I noticed that it had head down from some hardware still attached. I saw a fly, a flasher and possibly a dipsey connected and the fish was still kicking. After yesterday’s terminal tackle loss we figured any freebees would be less painful. Greg had lost several spoons, a complete dipsey, flasher fly combo and an entire 5 colors of leadcore line from several mishaps. We circled back around and I scooped up the fish as it tried to get away and removed all the tackle. Well at least he got something back! By noon we had decided to call it quits as all of us had a long drive ahead and the fish just weren’t cooperating. Oh we caught a number of shakers up to about 4 pounds (12 or so) and a nice 6 pound steelhead but the bigger salmon just didn’t want to eat properly. We were 0 for 3 on the Kings and after yesterday, it didn’t matter. I’m not even sure that Christiane would have been able to fight anything big today as she was still suffering from all the stomach bruises from the rod butts. Her arms were also in pain along with back muscles that she never knew she even had. She was a mess! Whoever said fishing was a relaxing sport obviously never battled a King! This is a real full contact sport requiring anti imflamitories along with miscellaneous painkillers just to take the edge off. We both can’t wait to get back! Talk about a pair of masochists! If you would like to enjoy some of this pain as well, feel free to give Greg a call by checking out his Website at you won’t be disappointed, just sore and that’s a great thing. Thanks again Greg for showing us a super time full of pics, memories and ibuprofen. See ya again soon!!