As it was Christiane’s week off and I didn’t have clients, we decided to head out on the lake for some smallie action. The weather was a little better than yesterday’s with clear skies and slightly cooler temps of 70 degrees at the start. Winds were out of the SW at 5 to 10 knots and picked up to 15 by afternoon. Water temps were hovering between 74 & 76 degrees depending on where we were when we made the first cast. There were only a few smaller bass in the 3 pound range caught on spinnerbaits & jerkbaits before we relocated to try & find bigger & better. The next area found Christiane hooking into a 3 pound walleye but not any bass were found. Immediately we relocated again and this time it was on fire! For the next several hours we were hooking into plenty of quality bass up to and over 4 pounds on a variety of baits. Although there weren’t any real giants today, we still had a blast! Tomorrow we are off to Lake Ontario searching for some real giants and hopefully will get into them big time! Maybe even a 30 pounder or better for someone’s personal best!!