Sam, Danny & Stephane joined me on another body of water today just hoping for a pile of bass. Well, they were about to get their wish in spades! We began a little later than usual and were fishing by 8:30, but into smallies on two of their first casts. Crankbaits were going to be the ticket today as the bass were holding on the outside edges of the weed lines. The weather was better than the forecasted one with a light drizzle early and cloud & sunshine afterwards. Air temps were in the 70’s and the water was around 68 degrees. We fished a number of areas and managed to get into them all over. Sam & Danny fended better than Steph as they were both just pounding them all day long. I believe that Sam had the largest bass with one in the mid four pound range but there were plenty of others that were close too. I really don’t know how many double headers they had but it was at least 6 or more. There were even a couple of triples that didn’t quite make it to the net! Overall it was a great day with non stop action from start to finish. We even had to stay a little longer just to break the tie that Danny & Sam were at and both had more shots at the win before Sam took it in the shootout! Definitely a day worth remembering by all!!