Day two saw us in even stronger winds but this time from the NE causing a completely different scenario. I would once more have an interesting day of boat control and have to hit different areas due to the shift in winds. As with the previous day we were still in the clouds with no sun throughout the day. Air temps felt a whole lot cooler with the winds and I don’t think it made it over 55 degrees by the peak afternoon time. Thankfully, the fish were still on fire and Brian went back to hammering them once more. As with yesterday, there were a couple of particular areas that held more fish than the others and we took advantage of them, seeing as how they were slightly out of the wind. The jigs were once again working better than the Crankbaits and he kept with them throughout the day. This is not to say that he didn’t catch on them, but they were few and far between. The fish were pressed to the bottom and rather reluctant to lift in the dirty water. I believe that he had at least one fish over 5 pounds today and just like yesterday, plenty of others slightly smaller as well. This day ended just like the previous one with action throughout. Another spectacular one despite the weather!! This was to be the third and last day of Brian’s trip before he was off to try his luck with Muskie and hopefully his best. The winds hadn’t subsided at all and were still blowing 10 to 20 from the wrong direction as we began the day. It’s never great to have an east wind let alone a strong one, but we tried not to worry about it as I held the boat in position. It wasn’t easy to feel the bites or even the bottom but Brian managed to get several fish in each area as we jumped all over looking for only bigguns! Today had fewer fish landed but they were slightly larger and that was even better. I think he had a couple over 5 pounds with one of them in the high fives. Plenty of mid three pounders and a few more over four were caught along with a pile of bass in the 2 to 3 pound size before it was all said & done. In the three days out he had managed to get great numbers and many of them were quality bites. Anytime you can succeed with the conditions we were faced with, it’s a good thing. Brian would have to wait another year before a smallie would be fought again. He will however be tangling with multiple salmon and incredible steelhead back home and I think I’m jealous. I wonder if he would trade places for a few weeks!!