Darren joined me once again today for more incredible smallmouth bass action. We hit a local lake around 7:00 and were into them before we knew it. With the weather an overcast one with light chop, I knew it would be good. Air temps were a little on the cool side and in the low 60’s but it was better than scorching hot! Water temps had been falling slightly every day with the nights getting cold and were now around 68.5 degrees. Smallies from 2 to over 4 pounds were being caught mostly on jerk-baits with jigs being a close second in choice. Unfortunately, the weather took a change for the worse by mid day and the afternoon had the winds increasing, causing the boat positioning to become more difficult. They went from less than 10 knots to almost 25 knots and were blowing S/E. Although we were still into good fish, it was becoming a little more difficult to feel the bites on the jigs and many a strike was missed. The lures were definitely producing more action but now mostly followers. By 4:00 we decided to call it a day and take our punishment running back to the ramp. Ironically, we were the only boat trailer in the parking lot and this made it a whole lot easier to take out. Unfortunately the winds were blowing directly into the launch and waves were rolling over the back deck when I loaded the boat onto the trailer. I was glad to finally drive it out and let the pumps drain out. Overall, it was a pretty good day with plenty of action and a roller coaster day of fun!!