I was back out again today with an old friend and his girlfriend all the way from Oklahoma. Christiane also joined us as we set out to catch some fish on a local lake. The conditions were absolutely horrible this time though and the temps were quite chilly. A light rain stayed with us till after noon and an east wind made it all that much more enjoyable to be on the water. Air temps were barely over 50 degrees and the water was just over 68 degrees as I set the lines hoping for a few walleye. It wasn’t looking too good but we finally had a reel fire and hopes were high until the fish neared the boat. A northern of around 8 pounds was what we had gotten and almost immediately after the line was back in the water, it fired again. Another large northern slightly smaller was our reward and I knew I was out of there. We immediately headed for smallies and Nancy was the one to lock up with a real beauty in the five pound class. Ronnie had a couple on, but couldn’t close the deal as we relocated once again. This time I tried the deeper water due to the stained shallows and came up with just a few fish in the 2.5 pound size. Into the shallows we went and Ronnie hit several up to 3 pounds as I tossed a top-water just searching for activity. One around 4 pounds inhaled the spook and brought a few buddies to the boat that scattered almost immediately. Although we did catch several fish, it really wasn’t an easy task and by 4:00 we called it quits. Winds from the NE caused the lake to be a little choppy and the run back was a little bumpy but smoother than Ronnie’s Bass Boat back home. I think there might be a Ranger in the near future for the two of them reel soon!!