No rest for me today as I was back on the water with Ross & Jack this morning, searching once more. I had decided to go to another body of water and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how high the water was. Looks like another day of finding fish again! Just trying to orient myself along newly developed current breaks was a treat as both of them casted jigs to the murky depths. Along with the high water was the presence of coffee with three creams! This was going to be a challenge to say the least as I began the exploration. Water temps were definitely falling with the color and were showing about 57 degrees at best. Fortunately for us, the sun was out and the air temps reached almost 60 degrees with a light SW wind. As with the last few days I was able to locate fish in shallow and although they caught more in the deep, the largest ones came from less than 3 feet of water. Both Jack & Ross caught their fair share of 2 to 3.5 pound smallies throughout the day, mostly on jigs but it was Ross that would get the lunker. Late in the afternoon he managed to hook into a personal best smallie that soon came to rest in the net, in awe. A quick weight read 5.25 pounds and surpassed his previous best by well over a pound. A few quick picks and back to the mud pit she went. By 4:00 we had seen enough and called it a day. As this trip was a 50th birthday gift from Ross’s wife, Jack got to benefit from it as well. They had caught & released plenty of fish today and the birthday boy had a great present with plenty of memories to last a while. Great day on the water!