Craig was back today but this time he brought his son in law Derek along for the ride. They had planned on fishing with me for the day and hitting Lake Champlain the following two days, from his boat for smallies. Derek had caught bass before but not the caliber he was about to see! His personal best was soon to be bumped several times over as a four pounder is nothing to beat here. We started the day in a light mist and then the fun began. It rained all day long! Obviously Derek’s not his favorite son in law! Throw in a serious NW wind of 25 to 30 knots with stronger gusts and you’ve got the perfect storm for a first timer. Well I wasn’t going to let a little weather ruin the day so I took the punishment head on. I was forced to point the bow directly into the wind just so they could make a cast. We tried drifting along the current breaks but I soon realized that this wasn’t going to work. I eventually had Derek throwing a spinnerbait and Craig worked a tube. It was definitely difficult to feel a bite on the jig but he did manage a few decent ones. Derek also had a bunch of big fish hammer the blades and it wasn’t long before his personal best was almost five pounds. The winds were so intense that the rain was moving horizontally and actually going down my neck. There was nowhere to hide and I was committed to having Derek bust the five mark. Well, sometime in the afternoon after several over four, he finally hit one that topped out at 5.25 pounds and was thrilled. Not to be taken out completely, Craig also added another over 5 pounds and somehow the weather just didn’t matter anymore. Big bass were eating and they were getting theirs! This lasted the entire day and as we were losing light towards 5 o’clock we called it a day. Fog was moving in and we didn’t want to stick it out any longer than we had to. Safety first and it was time to leave. We gathered the livewelled bass and shot a few quick pics before releasing all back to the water. Although Derek’s hands felt like an 80 year olds and crippled while holding the fish, he was thrilled. If he could stick it out through all this misery, he can endure pretty much anything. To make matters worse, his rain gear didn’t repel water all that great and back at the truck realized why he wasn’t dry. I guess the adrenaline got the best of his body and catching bigger & better became his mandate for the day. The drive back home was a welcomed blessing with the heat blasting and a quick stop at the closest Tim Horton’s for a hot coffee. I think he’ll be back after the day he had and with any luck, his personal best will get beat once again. Mother Nature is back!!