I had a full boat today with Bram, Neil & Aerie trying their hand at some jumbo smallmouth bass. We hit the water around 9:00 and they were locked up within the first few minutes. Aerie had the least amount of experience and I knew he would most likely land the best fish. He surely got the ball rolling as he was into the first couple of 3 to 4 pound smallies before Neil & Bram joined in with their own. The weather was just perfect with almost no wind, sunshine and temps that came close to 70 degrees by the afternoon. It was the perfect day to be out! Sometime in the morning Neil hooked into a bass less than three pounds and it soon turned into a giant. Just like a shark, the Muskie decided to take advantage of the helpless smallie and thought he would make a meal of it. We caught a good glimpse of the beast as he was able to lift it from the depths and I realized she was huge. Twice, he managed to bring the lunge up and both times it sounded back with the bass crossways in its grasp. I’m sure we were looking at a four foot fish and on the third attempt to raise her back to the boat she finally let go. Oh he did land the smallie but it looked like an attack from a Bengal Tiger! This poor thing had lacerations on both sides of the body and ironically it was still alive. When I released the tortured fish it actually swam away. I’m pretty sure it won’t make it but that’s all part of the food chain when you’re dealing with lunge of that proportion. For the remainder of the day they were catching bass from 2 pounds all the way to almost 5 pounds. Although they all had chances at the big ones it was Neil that finally had the best catch of the day. I believe that he had a couple that weren’t quite five, but definitely high in the four range. Regardless of the outcome, there were plenty of fish caught by all and a spectacular day was had thanks in part to Mother Nature. I can’t believe I’m saying this but she finally came through. Hopefully it’s not the last time either!!