Craig & Herm were fishing with me today for their first of several trips scheduled this fall. Craig had a few 6 pounders already from past trips and herm was still looking for his. Would today be the day? We began drifting the deeper breaks with jigs looking for the big ones just moving in and unfortunately only came up with smaller fish. The weather was a little gloomy with heavy cloud cover and a little misty rain when we began and the winds were blowing from the NW making a drift & drag nearly impossible. I decided to try something else and switched them up to blades and moved into the weeds. Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this was what we would have to do when Craig hooked up on his first cast. Herm was not thrilled with the baits as he had never had any success throwing them before, but that was all about to change. This was soon to become his favorite new lure when he started slamming fish after fish throughout the day. I didn’t think there was any need to go back to jigs and just covered water with steady hookups. Smallies were violating them constantly and there was a whole lot of groaning going on with each and every hookset! Herm even hooked what I thought might be his 6 pounder only to see that it was a huge northern of almost 40 inches. Definitely his best pike ever and probably around 12 or more pounds. I don’t think they went more than 5 minutes between fish at worst throughout the day making this their best aggressive bass bite day ever. I know Herm was sold with the lure and it’s probably going to take the “Jaws of Life” to pry it away from him from now on! When they left I had to retire the lures, to them as it just wasn’t fair to take them back after the day they had. Let the craziness continue!!