Craig was back again this weekend for one last trip and this time he brought Derek along as well. The last time they were here Derek had a wet, cold initiation to the world of fall bass fishing. This time, it would be different! We started the first of the two days in sunshine, no wind and warm air, unlike the last visit where it was blowing, raining & cold. This was going to be a treat, or so we thought! Within the first 15 minutes there was only one bite on Craig’s line and he managed to land a small Muskie around 37 inches. I had noticed the lack of flow from the current and didn’t like it at all. I don’t think the bass liked it either as they weren’t very active. We practically had to dead stick the baits in order to get bit. I barely had to step on the pedal of the electric motor either. It was like being anchored! We even went to senko’s for a while to see if this would help and came up empty. All we could do was just pick at them and fish slowly on the bottom. The bass would find the baits and if we were alert, we’d hook up. This went on all day with no real flurry until the last hour of light. In a short time they both hooked up pretty regularly and this definitely bumped the numbers. With the low light coming in early, we decided to call it around 4 o’clock. Although it was a tough day, there were still plenty of fish caught, just not what I have grown accustomed to seeing in the fall. Another body of water tomorrow and hopefully more action showing us what bass do best, feed! Tough day overall!!