One week later and back out with Norm once again! Unfortunately due to the weather, his faithful companion Buddha remained back at home. Norm did however get quite a dirty look when leaving with rods in hand! Although it may have been raining pretty hard for most of the morning, the action was great as plenty of fish were boated. We drove through fog and lots of precipitation before arriving at the water and even launched in the rain as well. Fortunately for us, the air temps were above freezing and eventually topped out around 55 degrees. Winds were from the SW at around 10 knots for the most part until late in the afternoon when they more than doubled. With the heavy cloud cover and wetness upon us, we made our first drift in the 46 degree water. Almost immediately I had a hit and instantly was swinging at “Nothing but Air”. Those damn lunge are on our bass spot again! While I was re rigging, Norm got violated as well and he too was back tying on another jig. All I could hear from him was how much he loathed those hateful creatures and why they wouldn’t leave him alone. Ever since his first encounter with a Muskie, he has had nothing but anger towards them. It ate his bass and all 50 plus inches were landed on the jig! Moral of the story, “Don’t mess with Norm’s Bass”! After retying, we moved into a slightly shallower area, began casting to isolated areas and as luck would have it, Norm locked up. “Not again” was what I heard from him and all I saw was a giant of a lunge coming towards the boat. I think most people would love to be in his shoes with all this bad luck, but not Norm. He just hates them to death! It came to the boat like a big old log and we both got a great look at this beast. It was over 50 inches and had an enormous girth to her. She turned and disappeared to the depths, leaving him once again in awe. Was this going to be the last encounter today? We finally started getting into the smallies and quality fish were coming in on almost every other cast. We covered the area thoroughly and just kept pounding big bass! Eventually the rain let up and we were only fishing in the clouds for a while. This was great as there was no need for the hoods and we no longer felt like horses with blinders. The action slowed down a bit and now we had to work for each and every bite as we continued moving along. Eventually we found another area holding some good fish and we got into them once more. I’m not sure at what point in the afternoon the sun came out but not long after, the winds really kicked up and we were now fishing in 2 to 3 footers. It was definitely a little tougher to feel the subtle bites but we did manage a few more good ones before we called it quits. The sun was getting low and the air was starting to cool off so we decided to go back to the ramp and head home. It was nice to get back out again and get a bunch of big bass. Hopefully this won’t be the last outing but at this time of the year, you just never know. At any time, Mother Nature can shut us down completely and the boat can go into hibernation for another winter. Let’s just hope she holds out a little longer as I think there’s still plenty of great fishing to be had!!