After another successful day of bass fishing yesterday with Norm & Buddha, I was back with Glen & his wife Odile for a multi species day. We started around 8:00 and in an east wind set the lines for another troll. Although it was only blowing about 10 knots, the waves were at least two footers with the opposite direction to the current. It would prove to make the troll somewhat difficult as I was about to find out! In less than 5 minutes the board line went off and Glenn was landing his first walleye, ever. At just over 20 inches it would weigh in at 3.5 pounds and barely make the slot. In the 2 hours of fishing this area they managed to land 6 walleye, 8 pike, several bass and a crap load of quality sized perch. I thought I would try something different and headed to another area, trolling once again. Many more pike and a couple of walleye were taken in the next few hours and things were looking up. At one point, we couldn’t keep the lines in the water without the reels firing off. Definitely high numbers of pike were taken before I thought we would try something completely different and they agreed. I took them to a few areas holding big smallies and they casted a combination of lures to entice the fish. Odile managed to get a couple of the larger smallies above the 4.5 pound mark and definitely her personal best. Glen caught several of his own and a couple were also his personal best as well. When the bite slowed slightly I decided to throw senko’s and the fish began to bite once more. Both of them landed a few more decent bass on the soft plastics before we called it a day. It was the first time they had seen so many good fish in one outing and were surprised that our waters were so bountiful. To top things off, they were taking a few of the smaller walleye home with them for dinner! Overall a very successful outing indeed!!