After several successful days this week of walleye fishing, I was finally able to get after the smallmouth bass. Steph, Matt & Hassan were with me, one day after the official opener and we hoped for a high numbers day. We started shortly after 8:00 and were fishing within 30 minutes in a bay that had produced for me year after year. I was surprised to see a flotilla of cruisers that must have moored there overnight, but began none the less. Smaller profile baits were thrown and it didn’t take long before they were hooking up on the baits. Although crankbaits were working, it was the 1/8 oz. jig & grub that was the winner. Eventually two of the guys were fishing this tiny bait and only one remained on the crankbait for the more active bass. With the water over 70 degrees in the bay I knew that most of the fish had already moved away from the shallows, leaving just the smaller males to guard the newly hatched fry. Flat calm waters, high sunshine and scorching heat of over 80 degrees were beginning to take a toll on us so I decided to make a run to another area and to cool off. It was an open water shoal that had fish coming in on about every cast here and the jigs were just hammering everything. Water temps were slightly cooler at 65 degrees but the visibility remained the same at less than a couple of inches. Pollen fluff was everywhere collecting on the lines as they reeled in and eventually we shifted once more. It took a while before we were on the fish again but eventually we found them. It was apparent that there were numbers when they tripled at the same time. Although the largest may have gone three pounds, it was still a triple! I had figured that off shore was working better than the shoreline and focused my attention on similar areas for the remainder of the afternoon. To my surprise though, a strong wind from the W/NW had began and 15 to 25 knots were rolling three footers at us now. Fish were still being caught but boat control was a little more difficult for them to fish in and I had to relocate once again. This time I headed into the wind and fished a flat with a little more protection. First cast Hassan was locked up and the games began all over. By now they were all throwing the jig and everyone was once again catching. By 2:30 they had decided to call it a day and we packed it in and headed back to the ramp. Overall it was an alright day with about 65 or 70 fish being caught, just not the size I had expected. I can’t wait till the fish go summer pattern soon!!