Mike & Corey were with me today after a couple of miserable days dished out by the witch! We began the day in heavy overcast skies, the makings of rain and a good chop of 2 foot, as we ran to our first spot. Smallmouth were the target as Corey hadn’t caught one before and wanted to experience their raw power. With Mike on the crankbait & Corey on a spinnerbait, I knew someone was about to score! Although the water temps had fallen to 64 degrees and the color was a little milky, it still had a good feel. A couple of missed strikes later, Corey was officially fighting his first ever smallie and loving it too.Being use to catching walleye had him reconsidering his species of choice. The raw power of this three pound bass was like nothing he had ever experienced and like all of us, he wanted more! Both Mike and Corey landed a few others on both lures and then we shifted to another area in hopes of a little more action. It seemed the further up the lake we went, the milkier the water became, as well as colder. After being disappointed with just a few more smallies, we decided to switch up completely and do a little trolling. No more than 30 seconds into the troll two reels started screaming and we had a double. Unfortunately they were both northerns of around 4 or 5 pounds and not the walleye we were hoping for. I reset the lines and continued searching for the eyes but all we could keep catching were pike and after an hour or so, pulled the lines and relocated once more. This next area had a few reels go off but unfortunately they were smallmouth bass, making us move once again. Back to our original bass area we went and Mike hooked up on his second cast. Another chunky smallie of around 3 pounds came aboard but we just couldn’t find the real bigguns! Although there were several more, the largest would have gone just under 4 pounds before we pulled the plug and tried something new, again. They had hoped to take a few walleye home for dinner so I spent the last 90 minutes trolling for these tasty treats. I was pretty sure that if I fished a certain section of the lake that they would be able to fulfill their wish and was right. In just a couple of minutes the first reel went off and a 16 inch walleye was in the boat. It didn’t take too long after and the board line went off, but this time it was a smallie. Not what we were after and back the 3.5 pound fish went in search of more eyes! Eventually we hit the area holding and managed to put 10 or 12 walleye in the boat keeping a half dozen for the table. In just a short time they had plenty of action and a pretty good meal to look forward to this evening. By mixing it up we were able to accomplish many things today with the best being Corey’s first smallie. I’m pretty sure it won’t be his last though as Mike & Corey are already looking forward to their next outing of bass, along with some walleye for the table of course. Overall a pretty good day with plenty of action all around!!