Darren was with me again today, looking for a variety of fish species. We set out under clear skies and humid conditions shortly after 7:30 with air temps already in the 70’s. The water had a ripple on it as the winds were blowing light from the SW. Walleye was our first quest as I set the rods to troll and it didn’t take long before we put a couple in the livewell. We were jumping around today to try & get in as much action as possible and switched it up quickly to bass. First cast, Darren hooks into a three pounder on a spinnerbait and I thought he was going to just crush them. To our amazement, it was the last one on the blades and we were forced to switch it up for a much slower presentation. Senko’s were used to entice several others into eating but it still seemed rather slow for here and I decided to move again. It was our next spot that kept us locked down as it was just stuffed with smallies. What started out as just a stop turned out to be an area that we held in for over 3 hours! Senkos and tubes accounted for all of the bass and there were many. Darren even managed to land his very first sturgeon and was amazed that it actually ate a jig. He had one other on briefly but lost it on a jump when it came unpinned. A couple more areas were fished for bass with similar results and then we headed back to the troll in search of more walleye. Two more were landed and several smallies as well before we called it a day and headed back to the ramp to take out. Although there were plenty of bass caught, there were no pics taken as 3.5 pounds was the largest and not photo worthy. Overall, a fairly productive outing with plenty of action from the bass and a bonus sturgeon added to the day as well!!