I hit the water this morning around 7:30 with Peter, in hopes of showing him just how great our freshwater fishery was. He had only fished salt water before and was in for a real treat, as the smallies were just on fire! The cool morning air would soon give way to warm & later hot temperatures, with almost flat calm conditions. This would mean that the dog pecker knats would be out in full force, just tormenting the daylights out of us! Water temps were to reach a high of almost 70 degrees and although I hadn’t been on the lake in a couple of days, I knew they would be active. I started Peter out with a spinnerbait in hopes that he would feel how hard the strikes were. With only a couple of pushes and one short hit, it just never happened. I even tried him on a topwater but despite a couple of boils, he never hooked up. I was forced to resort to the tube jig and on his first cast, he was locked. For almost two hours, he would continue to feel the raw power these brown bass possessed and battle many, many more. Fish up to almost 5 pounds would be the largest but the 2 to 4 pounders were plentiful and he just kept hooking up. When they slowed down here, I relocated to another area and he continued the catching. Although this was completely different to him, he caught on pretty quickly with the jigs and managed to land loads of bass. Oh yeah, even another sturgeon! With the sun high by afternoon, the fish really took advantage of this and both bait and predator were active. Each time we relocated, it took but a few casts to connect with the fish and it was game on. Some of the areas were holding just a few and others were loaded. We just had to keep moving until we found the sweet spots and once we did, hammer time! I decided to try something different and ventured into the mid range areas with rock bottom and it was loaded too. I think Peter had 5 fish on in as many casts and landed all of them! Although not everywhere was like this, there were many places that were and we concentrated on these ones for the remainder of the day. With very few exceptions, there weren’t really any dead periods through the day and 5 to 10 minutes between fish was about all he had to wait. The conditions couldn’t have been better today allowing us to cover any and all areas I wanted. We even took a break in the afternoon to try a little trolling for pike & walleye and succeeded with both. All in all it was an excellent day and one Peter would remember for his first experience, fresh water fishing!!