Today I had a trio of guys that were about to have one of those days we all dream about! Right from the start the reels screamed and never really let up throughout the entire day. We hooked up shortly after 7 and went straight to an area that had been putting out great results. Bram & his brother Neil were joined by their friend Aerie & it was about to get competitive. Bram began by designating the rods to each person and I knew that was a mistake. What he wasn’t aware of, was that the one he gave to Aerie was to be the “Hot Rod”. Lines in, troll on and let the games begin! It only took a few minutes before the first walleye decided to eat the down line and Aerie was up. Minutes later, I slid the net under a chunky 17 incher and we had fish in the livewell. Right back in and the same reel fired once more as Aerie reeled in another of over 18 inches. No big deal right! After 4 more quality fish on the same rod, they were ready to kill him. Big mistake choosing rods instead of a rotation! Eventually the other side began to go off but not as much as the one they had designated to their good friend, Aerie. Separating the line depths proved to be useless in the deeper areas as I found out. With four lines in the water I didn’t want tangles and ran a couple of higher lines that never seemed to fire. All I was doing was reeling in the floating vegetation constantly and that was time consuming. Fortunately however, the two deeper lines were going off every few minutes and that provided plenty of action for these guys. By now they had realized that the rotation was a better choice and took turns when the reels went off. Although I hadn’t wanted to remain in this spot as long as I did, it was hard to leave fish biting. They wanted to cast a bit for bass and I shifted areas to accommodate them with a drop shot rig. Well it didn’t take long here either as hookups were immediate. They all managed to get into smallies but not of any real size. It was a treat to see other boats trolling outside of us, slowly making their way closer & closer. I can never understand what goes through their minds when they do this. At one point we had a boat trolling so close that I could have casted right into his lap. I told the others to ignore them and continue fishing as they wouldn’t catch anything anyhow. These fish were tight to bottom and not moving at all. By staying right on top of them with this set up, we were able to monopolize on almost every fish there. By the time we pulled out of here, there wasn’t a fish left to catch. Good luck guys! I swung through a shallower area with different presentations and trolled for a while more. As with previous trolling, the rods kept firing! Smallies and walleye were getting hooked up once again as I moved down the lake. It was so hot that I offered to take them for a swim in the middle of the lake. I slid into a sand bar and two of them took the plunge. At barely chest high and hard packed sand, it was like being on a deserted island. The view is also spectacular as you can see a panoramic 360 degree area with land all over. Once they had cooled off enough, we headed to another section close by and began to drop shot once again. Ironically, the winds had kicked up pretty good and were now blowing 10 to 15 knots from the W/NW. This put a good roll on the water and I knew it would only help. For the last couple of hours we drifted slowly across a series of flats all the while catching pretty much everything. Smallies & walleye were the two most common but many a perch came aboard as well. Somewhere around 3:15 or so we pulled the plug and headed in. I still had work to do, cleaning their catch and needed the extra time to do it in. Today was a day filled with loads of fish, plenty of laughs and some intense competition. Overall I would have to say that Aerie had more than held his own, as he caught every where we stopped. Being the underdog, he rose to the top and managed to take some of the largest fish of the day. He had become a contender and I’m sure the next time they get together for a fishing day, there’ll be plenty more laughs and competitive beatings. Overall a very successful day on the lake!!